Richard Nockles  |   Director's Showreel

A selection of recent 360º VR projects I’ve produced with Surround Vision

2013-06-17 13:40

exciting times for 360º Surround Video

2013-05-17 14:06

Behind-the-scenes 360º as the band take to the stage

2013-05-17 13:50

First ever Radio 1 Live Lounge in 360º

2013-02-27 20:23

Recent VR projects from Surround Vision

2013-02-24 14:52

Experience the new Ray-Ban Polarized interactive video through the 360° navigation.

2013-02-17 13:45

NASCAR 360° App Puts Fans in the No. 29 Budweiser car with Kevin Harvick at the Wheel

2013-02-01 14:06
2013-01-17 13:38

My Brother Edward takes on the Greek Grandmaster in front of hundreds of bemused tourists (and mother) in Trafalgur square. Classic day out.

2013-01-17 12:52

Even God can’t stop a mission from God

2013-01-17 12:49

How to Nick a banksy? life copies art

2013-01-17 12:43

Behind-the-scenes style drama examining the conflict between the global economy and environment.

2013-01-17 12:40

Compilation of Live 360º Music projects

2013-01-17 12:36

Milan fashion week 2011

2013-01-17 12:30

Music video shot in London 2011

2013-01-17 12:18

Here’s a selection of soon to be updated showreels showing the range of projects and styles.

2013-01-17 11:04

Always nice to have the space to make mistakes: here’s a selection of experimental projects

2012-12-27 14:34

There’s a huge opportunity to create stunning original content by integrating CG into 360º. There are I billion smart phones across the world, the tablet market is going crazy and internet TV is round the corner. 360º video is the evolution of Home Entertainment.

2012-10-17 13:56

State-of-the-art online video tour of Damien Hirsts exhibition

2012-09-17 14:00

The Surround Sessions are a series of intimate un-plugged gigs designed for Online and app distribution

2012-06-17 13:53

London-based performance poet Musa Okwonga performs ‘Heavyweight’ in 360º

2012-04-16 08:35

Documentary series following the progress of new channel 4 presenters as they’re taken through presenter boot camp.

2012-01-04 14:01

A good example of narrative and beauty you can achieve with 360º video

2011-09-17 14:05
2011-04-27 20:00
2011-04-17 13:58
2011-01-01 14:03

A comedy series about the world’s first and only Wingman Academy.

2010-12-17 13:59

The difference between men and women expressed in this Channel 4 doc series

2010-01-17 14:05

This film was produced to highlight a 2008 report by Global Witness on the effects of Banking corruption around the world.

2008-08-17 14:00

Grown men should never be allowed to play with scissors, glue and cardboard.

2007-01-17 14:01

Feature film shot in 2004 amidst the backdrop of the European Championships

2005-05-17 14:03

Art work produced in a desperate bid to remind myself that I’m an artist

2003-01-17 12:36